Hi & Welcome to my virtual kitchen!

For me the hightlight of the week is Shabbat, Spending it with our wonderful community in LaSalle makes it even more special.

Food is a very real part of Jewish life. Its more than just a recipe. Traditional foods connect us to our ancestors, and even regular modern day dishes help us enjoy Shabbat and holidays in a way that only great food can.

Growing up, cooking, cookbooks and trying out recipes was a big part of my childhood. Being the daughter of a cookbook author of the famous and award winning Spice & Spirit Cookbook, taught me a thing or two about cooking. As the name suggests, there is the recipe - the spice and more importantly the spirit - how the food uplifts us, our family and friends.

Join us for a Shabbat and holiday meal and see how food is a joy for the body and soul. Join me on this site as we share the most requested recipes, many from the spice and spirit and from huge recipe collection!

Did you taste something at our Shabbat or Holiday table that you would like to make at home. Send me an email [email protected], and I will happilly post the recipe on this site


Looking forward to hearing from you!