Get to Know Us

Rabbi Chaim Brand, was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. He grew up in a home known for its warmth and hospitality. He studied in Yeshivas in Israel, New York, Texas  and Montreal, and received his Rabbinical Ordination from Rabbi Y. Yeroslavski, head of the Beth Din of Vaad Rabbanei Chabad of Eretz Hakodesh. While completing his rabbinical and postgraduate studies he spend the time leading services and doing community outreach, in various cities in Israel, New York, Canada & Nepal.

Since moving to Montreal after his wedding, Chaim is a sought after teacher and educator. His vast knowledge, understanding and warmth endear him to everyone he meets. Chaim is passionate about reaching out to every Jew in Lasalle to connect, inspire and help in any way he can. 

Mrs Chanie Brand,  grew up in the heart of the Crown Heights Jewish Community, Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, her passion to inspire and reach out is imbedded in her every fiber ever since her childhood. After graduating with honors from High School she received her diploma in Judaica studies and education from Bais Chaya Mushka Seminary in Montreal. She has years of experience as a successful teacher, mentor and program director to young adults.

Her devotion and care for a brighter Jewish future endeared her to Jewish communities in the United States, Canada, England, and Kishinev, Moldova. Her warm and caring character is apparent after a short encounter with her and she always has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. 

Together, the Brands form a most powerful team bringing warmth and happiness to the friends, families and community around them. With their warm smiles and non-judgmental approach, they will visit many homes and celebrate Jewish Holidays with the community. They have already begun setting the groundwork to build a most vibrant Jewish community in LaSalle, Quebec. 

They are joined by their precious children Mendel, Mushka, Levik, Schneur and Shterna, who are looking forward to meeting more Jewish children in LaSalle.